Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Marina Fiesta Designs a Tailored Spa Vacation Just For You

Marina Fiesta, located in the Beverly Hills of Puerto Vallarta, lets you enjoy a mesmerizing Spa Vacation, for travelers who wish to come out revitalized and rejuvenated after its luxurious treatments. A great Spa holiday experience should meet and exceed the expectations of the seasoned Spa-goers as the value of a Spa vacation doesn’t come with the lowest price because its value lies in the luxurious treatments that you get to enjoy at affordable prices.
Tourists interested in a Spa vacation should select the spa experience that is compatible with their taste, budget, interest and occasions as all spa experiences are not created equal to Marina Fiesta. If you are a spa diva you need to choose the spa treatment that suits you best, be it a romantic endeavor or a solo sojourn.
Marina Fiesta members suggest that while choosing the best spa treatment you need to select the one that offers a little extra. Most spa treatments offer work out facilities, wet and dry saunas, hot and cold plunge pools and aromatic treatments that end up energizing your overall body.
Spa goers end up enjoying complimentary amenities in locker rooms, robes, slippers, baths, and beauty products. While in the waiting rooms, they can eat fresh fruits and goodies and enjoy herbal tea and juices. Marina Fiesta guest on the other hand enjoy the in-house spa treatments at their conveniences. They can swim and steam in the sauna, work out in its gym and relax before and after the spa treatments. To enjoy a complete spa experience you should book in a two or three treatments as together they turn out more luxurious.
Marina Fiesta members are aware that we all need to look into the available Spa options and focus on our goals. Choosing a Spa treatment that is certified by the international SPA association works out best as this way you are assured that you are in the hands of professionals. So instead of embarking on a frantic exploration holiday you can enjoy a relaxing experience and opt for a vacation at Marina Fiesta this season.

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  1. I am usually a big fan of adventurous vacation where you are constantly doing something, but a nice relaxing vacation every so often can be so refreshing. I just recently took a vacation to a resort in the bahamas where we were pampered every day at the spa, they even gave us complimentary fuzzy slippers to wear around the spa while we relaxed. It was definitely one of my favorite vacations so far.